fichas en inglés

Sigue celebrando el otoño con estas fichas en inglés descargables para el finde

We love autumn! This week’s activities include maple leaf colouring, an origami fortune teller to predict the weather, an experiment that shows where wind comes from and more. Hope you enjoy!
Maple leaf colouring
Leaves from maple trees in North America and Japan are famous for their beautiful autumn colours. Can you colour these blank ones in? Download.
Weather origami
Make your own origami fortune teller, to predict what the weather will be! Download the sheet and download instructions.
Windy days activities
It’s windy today! Complete these activities, including dot-to-dot, counting and drawing leaves. Download.
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Websites to visit
Learn how to predict the weather just by looking at the clouds, find out where wind comes from and transform yourself into a friendly fox.

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