Información para niños en inglés sobre el Coronavirus

Find out about a new coronavirus, Covid-19, a type of virus named for its crown-like shape. Click on the links to visit the recommended websites.

What’s a virus?

Websites to visit

How viruses work
Viruses are like tiny pirates. Find out more in this clip.

How Lou got the flu
Find out how viruses can travel around the world. (This story is about bird flu which occurred in the early 2000s.)

Viral attack
Read a comic book story about how our body fights viruses.

Under a microscope
See viruses and other microbes under a microscope.

What is coronavirus?

Websites to visit

Animated guide to the coronavirus
Watch a video with lots of helpful information.

Coronavirus – your questions answered
Doctors answer schoolchildren’s questions.

Staying healthy

Websites to visit

How to wash your hands
Wash your hands and sing «Happy Birthday» twice (around 20 seconds). (Advice from the UK National Health Service (NHS).

Tips for younger children
Jane Chisholm, editorial director at Usborne Publishing, talks about germs and how to prevent germs from spreading.

How to say hello
See some fun ways to say hello without shaking hands.

Hand washing experiment
Make some safe but gross glow germs to find out how well you wash your hands. (Ask a grown-up for help.)

Advice from WHO
The World Health Organization’s tips on how to protect yourself against COVID-19.

News for kids

Visit these news websites for the latest updates on the coronavirus.

Websites to visit

BBC Newsround (UK)

CBC Kids News (Canada)

Behind the News (Australia)



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