Fichas para pintar en inglés ¡y a pasar un finde de lo más artístico!

Fichas para pintar en inglés ¡y a pasar un finde de lo más artístico!

This week we’ve chosen activities about food and festivals to mark UK National Non-Fiction November, an annual celebration for readers who love facts and information. This week is also Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. You can find out more about Diwali in the web links below.
Growing pips
Take pips from fruits you like such as avocados and oranges, and turn them into house plants which may produce fruit of their own! Download.
Draw a hand
Draw around your hand on paper, then decorate with patterns. You could make up henna designs like the ones in the weblink below. Download.
Carnival costumes
Here’s some fabulous festive Mexican costumes and patterns to colour. Download.
National Non-Fiction November, organised by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, is a month of events with authors, libraries and local museums to celebrate facts and non-fiction books.
We love to see your activity sheets. Tag us on Instagram #DiverInglés
Websites to visit
Find out about the festival of Diwali and how  henna designs are painted – you could copy some of the designs on this week’s Draw a Hand activity sheet. Then try a quiz to see how many different pasta shapes you’ve eaten!

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