Celebremos el 5 de noviembre, ¡la noche de las Hogueras en UK!

Whizz! Fizz! Bang! This week our Saturday Activities are all about fireworks. In the UK, November 5th is Bonfire Night and we build huge bonfires and have fantastic fireworks displays. Find out how fireworks are made in our Quicklinks weblinks, and how to make splatter firework pictures too.
Fireworks activities
Draw a spectacular firework pattern, spot all seven shooting stars and more on this fireworks activity sheet  Download.
Fireworks colouring
Whizz! Fizz! Pop! Here’s some sparkling fireworks to colour in. Download.
Day of the Dead
Colour in these spooky patterns which celebrate the Day of the Dead, or find out more about the festival in our online activities below. Download.
We love to see your activity sheets. Tag us on Instagram #Diveringlés.
Websites to visit
Find out about the Day of the Dead holiday, discover how fireworks are made or make a fabulous scatter paint fireworks picture.


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