Actividades descargables gratis en inglés: crucigramas, colorear y experimentos para este finde ¡a divertirse!

Hello Little Readers!
This weekend you can draw a leopard or some exotic birds – or test your knowledge of Australia. On our weblinks, discover how animals use their claws, ‘bend’ water in an experiment and find out how to make a stop-motion film of a banana!
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Australia crosswords
How much do you know about the Land Down Under? Try these crosswords to test your knowledge! Download.
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Exotic birds
Add your own details to these exotic birds. Download.
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Draw a leopard
Learn how to draw a leopard in six easy steps. Download.
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Websites to visit
Can you bend water with a comb? Find out how in an online experiment, see how animals use their claws, and make a stop-motion movie.
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