Actividades descargables gratis en inglés: crucigramas, colorear y experimentos para este finde ¡a divertirse!

Hello Little Readers!
This weekend you can draw a leopard or some exotic birds – or test your knowledge of Australia. On our weblinks, discover how animals use their claws, ‘bend’ water in an experiment and find out how to make a stop-motion film of a banana!
Australia crosswords
How much do you know about the Land Down Under? Try these crosswords to test your knowledge! Download.
Exotic birds
Add your own details to these exotic birds. Download.
Draw a leopard
Learn how to draw a leopard in six easy steps. Download.
Websites to visit
Can you bend water with a comb? Find out how in an online experiment, see how animals use their claws, and make a stop-motion movie.


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